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small note: this crd is still a wip!


me!! i am 14! if you're seeing this you most likely came from discord.. feel free to send me a rq! but Anxiety makes it hard for me to message first a lot,, Sorry! i also tend to get mad easily.. i am transneutral & i use he/they pronouns
likes tea, drawing, writing, osu, roblox, minecraft, coffee, tea, bands, instruments, skating, nature, horror, editing, n animals
links :3 discord pinterest tiktok

Dni,, ♡

  • basic dni



  • -13 or 18+

  • endo-genic "systems"..

  • Bigots (etc)

  • if u fetishise mlm or trans-boys & or are identifying as a fujoshi/himedanshi dni ...

  • lolicon,,, shotacon,,, zoophiles

  • xenogender/xenopronoun anti

  • byi

  • i make die and kys jokes

  • i don't use tone tags that much (but if you want me to i will!)

  • i use a lot of profanity and sexual language

  • i use slurs i can reclaim

Interests !

  • south park

  • guitars

  • nirvana

  • animals

  • coryxkenshin

  • minecraft

  • roblox

  • rhythm games

  • kpop

  • and more (ask!) ^^



Posted : Today, at 12:43 AM

click on the silly dog!

OMG AUBREY I ACTUALLY LOVE U SO MUCH HELP im so happy we have been sbfs for 6 YEARS!! thank you so so much for always being there when i need u during the toughest of times, thank you for letting me ramble about all my stupid hyperfixations and letting me be myself!! you're the best and prettiest person ever in the whole wide world and funniest person i ever met i love you sm!! /p ( i am extremely bad at expressing my love 4 u but i love u so much more than you could ever imagine !!! )


Posted : May 15, at 12:43 AM

time: 2:39 AM

I LITERALLY LOVE YOU SOMUCH LIKE OMF!!! I'M GLAD WE'VE BEEN FRIENDS FOR 1 YEAR AND 3 MONTHS NOW (thx for telling me because i forgot) YOU'RE SO SWEET AND YOU'VE HELPED ME THRU MORE THAN U CAN IMAGINE, UR SUCH A NERD AND A BIG POOPHEAD /pos you are also sosoosooooo handsome/pretty and very silly

The five boxing wizards jump quickly